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So You Want to Write For Hammer & Rails…

T-Mill needs some help, so if you want to help build Hammer & Rails, contact him.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, resident leader and Dictator For Life T-Mill here. You may have noticed that I had really upped the volume of posts within the past few weeks. I am basically trying to show how large of an audience we have and the variety of topics that can be discussed here. I admit, I am pretty much obsessed with all things Purdue. That is why I write here. I am humbled every day that we have such a large community that is incredibly active and the envy of other Big Ten SB n\Nation sites as I have been told.

That's why I am writing today. Month after month we are far and away the leading B1G site within the network for FanPosts. We regularly have more FanPosts than any other Big Ten site int he network. That is a credit to the great community you all are. I strive to make that community better and that is why I am writing today.

Since my son was born a year ago I have been admittedly distracted and unable to build this site as much as I would like. Basically, I need another me right now. I am at the limit of what I can produce in terms of content and the goals that SB nation has for each college site are growing what I can do. We have some wonderful co-writers and contributors here like Myles, Juan, Zach, etc., but I really, really need someone who can be a pseudo-manager and regular contributor. Specifically, I could really use someone that wants to take football recruiting as a topic, blow it out, and make it their own.

There is a HUGE audience in football recruiting and the SB Nation network is really pushing this. Even posts talking about players offered generate big numbers. If we talked about offers, profiles on targets, breaking news on commitments, and anything else recruiting we could have a huge audience.

This is what I would love to see. The folks at Land Grant Holyland are the gold standard for individual team recruiting within the network. I'd love to do a tenth o that, but to do so, I need help.

So if you're a regular contributor and you want to do something more in an official capacity, e-mail me. I can't promise a lot more than a great audience and tons of discussion, but this site is a labor of love and I would be elated to see someone want to expand it as much as I have.