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Morgan Burke Says Student-Athletes Should Have Say On Important Matters

Purdue's AD had some eye-opening things to say today while speaking with the rest of the Big Ten.


Morgan Burke has taken a beating here at H&R of late, but today he spoke about the changing roles in college athletics and stood up for the student-athletes in his charge:

This was part of a speech where Burke called for more change in college athletics. Among other quotes:

I will say this about Burke: when it comes to finances, he is usually right. I do give him credit for running Purdue's financially independent athletic department in the black when so many run it in the red (even though having a better football team would allow for a lot more black). He sees where things are headed and it likely means major changes soon. Between the Northwestern Union vote, schools shifting conferences, the possibility that a "Big 5" model of the top five college conferences taking over, and the river of money in college athletics something is, indeed, going to have to change. Burke knows that the old ways just don't work anymore:

Even though Purdue's top programs are currently in the toilet, we have the lifeline of the Big Ten. Let's face it: as a charter member of the conference, Purdue is not going anywhere. In a lean time such as now the Big Ten affiliation is keeping Purdue athletics afloat, and since the Big Ten is going to be at the forefront of all these changes Purdue is going to be at the front via association.

It is good to hear this from old Morgan. I hope he and the rest of the administrators make the right decisions for the student-athletes involved, and give said student athletes a voice in a process where they currently have none is a nice start.