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2014 NFL Undrafted Free Agents: Where Did Purdue's Guys Go?

Several Purdue players are off to the NFL as undrafted free agents.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Congratulations to Ricardo Allen and Kevin Pamphile for keeping Purdue's streak at 17 straight years with at least one player drafted. They are not alone, however. A handful of guys are getting a look as undrafted free agents in the flurry of activity since the final pick was made. Here is the full list, and what each team should expect:

Greg Latta - Denver Broncos - Latta is a bit of a surprise, as he only played at Purdue for two seasons and had only started football as a freshman in junior college. The 6'5" 260 pound defensive end is still very new to the game, but had some moments in his two years in West Lafayette. As a junior he had 12 tackles and a sack, which came at Notre Dame. This past year he was a regular starter with 32 tackles and a sack. He is probably a longshot to make a roster, but I thought he was a longshot just to make it this far.

Rob Henry - Oakland Raiders - Rob will join Kory Sheets, whom he knew as a true freshman in 2009, as Purdue guys trying to make it in Oakland. What position will he play?

I think Oakland has grabbed him mostly as an athlete. it would be interesting to see if he could make it as a returner. As I wrote in my original profile, Rob can go a number of ways.

Cody Webster - Baltimore Ravens - From what I can gather, the Ravens are also interested in Webster:

Of course, that is far from anything official, so we'll see what develops from it.