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2014 NFL Draft: Day 3 Purdue Open Thread

Bruce Gaston and Ricardo Allen are the most likely Boilers to be drafted today.

Jonathan Daniel

As I posted earlier today, only two guys have a semi-decent chance of getting drafted today from Purdue. Both Ricardo Allen and Bruce Gaston could go, with Cody Webster having an outside chance. All three guys are expected to go in the later rounds if at all, but if you want to discuss anything draft-related, this is the place.

Don't forget the flurry of undrafted free agent signings that will happen as soon as Mr. Irrelevant is announced. Guys in the NFL go on to lengthy careers all the time as UFAs,a nd our own Kory Sheets is getting a serious look from the Raiders this year after a circuitous route from being a UFA to the Dolphins, then the Saskatchewan Roughriders, before going back to the NFL.

Juan has agreed to post any picks if they are made today, and I will mine the transactions late tonight to track down any UFA signings, so enjoy the day!