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Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge Has A Winner!

Thanks to no one picking Kentucky or Connecticut, We have a winner already.

The national title game tonight makes a mockery of the term "student athlete", as you have a team that was suspended last season for APR violations against a team that thrives on the one-and-done culture of college basketball. It is about the least interesting matchup you could possibly have, as normally a 7 vs. 8 seed game for the title would at least have a Cinderella story behind it .

Still, the matchup was not seen by you readers, as no one picked either Kentucky or UConn as the eventual champion in this bracket. That means Bonddue 2 is our winner in the Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge! Bonnddue ran away with things, as he was the only one to crack 1,000 points.

Also, everyone kicked my ass in this, as I finished in 208th place out of 365 entries.

Bonddue, feel free to e-mail me so I can set you up with your prize. If anyone else wants a Defense Lives Here shirt you're going to have to buy it.