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2014 Purdue Spring Football: Offense Wins Jersey Scrimmage 48-45

There were some good numbers, but also some troubling numbers in today's jersey scrimmage.


The jersey scrimmage, the second of the three scrimmages as part of spring football, took place today in Ross-Ade stadium and it was a close contest between the offense and the defense. Ultimately, I guess this is what you want. If the defense dominates it might be a sign that the offense is just really bad, and vice versa. We found out last year in the spring game when the defense dominated and it was a sign that the offense was just really, really bad.

Today things were closer, as is was the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 1 defense and No. 2 offense vs. No. 2 defense for most of the day. Here are some of the numbers:

  • If Austin Appleby and Danny Etling are in a battle for the starting job it was close. Both split time with the No. 1 offense and had similar stats. Etling was 10 of 21 for 113 yards and a score. Appleby was 11 of 21 for 92 yards with an interception (which scored points for the defense).
  • Raheem Mostert was the top running back on the day with 134 yards and 2 TDs on only 9 attempts. Unfortunately, the running game still sucks, as everyone else combined for -40 yards on 29 attempts. That is pretty awful.
  • DeAngelo Yancey was the top receiver with 5 catches for 79 yards and a score.
  • Sean Robinson led the defense from the middle linebacker spot with 5 tackles, a sack, and 1.5 tackles for loss.
  • Michael Rouse III had two sacks.
  • As a whole the defense had six sacks. Either the defensive line has greatly improved or the offensive line still sucks out loud.
  • Paul Griggs hit a 52-yard field goal, which would be a career long for him.
  • The lone interception belonged to Evan Feichter, the younger brother of Landon Feichter.