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Everyone Point And Laugh At The Illinois Legislature

Can the Salukis be the 15th Big Ten member?

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

I hate conference expansion. At least adding Nebraska made sense in that it gave the Big Ten a championship game in football and a program that seemed like a natural fit. Rutgers and Maryland, however, just feel wrong.

Well, if the Illinois legislature gets it way, conference expansion will get even more ridiculous:

Sick of seeing conference realignment spread the Big Ten into the Atlantic Ocean?

Not to worry: Illinois State Representative Michael Connelly has proposed a bill to create a commission that would study the feasibility of adding another Illinois public school to the Big Ten. The bill passed the Illinois State Senate this week and will move on to the House.

My response:


Hold on...


As Kevin Trahan points out, this is highly unlikely to happen. SIU isn't even an FBS level football program and its academics are nowhere close to the Big Ten's. Ah well. If it does happen it might mean Indiana could get a regular conference win in football.

Or maybe not.

Suddenly the stakes for Purdue's game with SIU on September 20th just got a lot higher.