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Purdue Transfer Possibilities: Tyler Lewis

Purdue is looking at getting the former McDonald's All-American.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like Purdue is after a point guard after I wrote my piece on Matt Carlino, but it is not Carlino. Tyler Lewis, a point guard who is transferring from North Carolina State, is in contact with coach Painter:

Lewis is coming off of his sophomore season where he started 18 games and led North Carolina State to the NCAA Tournament, where they won one of the play-in games in Dayton before an epic collapse against St. Louis in the next round. He is not the scorer that Carlino is, but he is more of a distributor as he had an assist-to-turnover ratio of nearly 4:1 this season. He is not an accurate shooter at all, hitting less than 35% from the field and under 24% from three.

Backing the Pack, SB Nation's NC State blog, had this to say:

There were rumors about a potential Lewis transfer last year and they extended into this season, but he found his place in the rotation during the latter half of the year and I was hoping that would be enough to encourage him to come back. Guess not. State doesn't have a point guard in its 2014 class, but maybe Lewis felt like ultimately he wouldn't be able to permanently claim the starting job from Cat Barber.

Lewis was a McDonald's All-American and the Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year in 2012. He also has a connection with Purdue, as he was the point guard for A.J. Hammons at Oak Hill Academy where he averaged 12 points and 8 assists for a 44-0 team.

Lewis is considering a few other schools, one of them being just down the road from Purdue at Butler. Also, he is going to have to sit out a season if he comes to Purdue, meaning he cannot immediately help the 2014-15 team that greatly needs a point guard. By the time he is eligible we'll know if Bryson Scott is the answer as a junior and P.J. Thompson will have a year under his belt as well. He would walk into a crowded backcourt for sure.

Still, he would be a very talented facilitator, so we'll see.