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So You Want To Draft A Boiler: Kurt Freytag

The Boilermaker fullback could make an impact at niche position in the NFL.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from Cody Webster, Bruce Gaston, and Ricardo Allen, Purdue does not have many players that would be considered as draft prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft. A big reason for that is the 1-11 record last season. Let's face it, if we had a ton of NFL ready players would not have gone 1-11. There are still a few guys who could at least get a look.

One of those players is a guy that earned his way through Purdue the hard way. He started as a walk-on and finished on scholarship as a starting fullback and regular contributor. He has the size that may get him a look in a similar position in the NFL.

Kurt Freytag - 6'2" 240 pound fullback

Freytag was not well known at Purdue, as he joined the team as a walk-on in 2009 and had one carry in his first three seasons on the team.  As a redshirt junior in 2012 he had a regular role at fullback, where he had eight carries for 47 yards and touchdown as well as three receptions for 32 yards. He served primarily as a blocking fullback for Akeem Hunt and Akeem Shavers.

This past season Freytag earned a scholarship and again served as a blocking fullback, where he had a single carry for 14 yards and he had 4 catches for 32 yards and a score. That was all part of a horrible offense, of course.


Freytag is a big dude, so he could continue to be a blocker and special teams player in the NFL as teams look for that big, blocking fullback to open some holes. He is also on the radar for some teams, as the Colts recently brought him in for a workout:

"Most of the players here we've been tracking for most of the past year," said National Scout Matt Terpening.  "Our scouts have evaluated them.  We saw them during their Pro Days in March, and this gives us chance to have them in our facility and in front of our general manager, head coach and assistant coaches to watch them again.  It's good for us and them."


Freytag is just not that well known as a player. He plays in a specialty role that could get him a look because there are not that many guys as blocking fullbacks, but it is also not a glamorous role. Teams draft for almost every position except blocking fullback and special teams.

Final Analysis:

If Freytag is drafted I would be shocked, but given that the position of blocking fullback is a need for some teams he could get a look. The Colts are a great example of a team that has success in the undrafted free agent market. He can be a contributor as a fullback that gets the occasional carry and as a special teamer.