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Hammer & Rails Tournament Challenge Update

Florida was the consensus pick in the Hammer & Rails group.

The battle for the prestigious Defense Lives Here t-shirt is now down to the the finals stages with the Final Four of Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, and Connecticut all set. Most of you guys, as expected, are kicking my butt all over the place. The rest of you can buy a shirt right here if you're so inclined, but there are a few who can still walk away with a freebie if the Final Four goes your way.

Entry Bondue2 not only has a 20 point lead, but can still get the championship game matchup with both Florida and Kentucky. The rest of the closest competitors with their champion still alive have Florida as their pick, but not Kentucky as their title game opponent.

No one else has Kentucky, Connecticut, or Wisconsin picked, so this is likely bondue's shirt to lose.

For the record, I am in 208th place, so don't listen to me.