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Skeptical Source Says A.J. Hammons Will Declare For NBA Draft

There is now smoke to the possible fire that A.J. Hammons may be off to the NBA.


The offseason bad news for Purdue basketball continues to get worse, as the third member of the highly rated 2012 recruiting class may be gone after just two seasons. A source says that A.J. Hammons will go pro early:

Of course, this is just one source, and from a place called NBA Hoops that I have never heard of and seems to not even have an actual website. With that comes some skepticism, as Jeff Washburn says:

Again, I have never heard of a blog called NBA Hoops, but allegedly this guy is tied in with several possible early entrants. It still makes me as skeptical as Jeff. GBI agrees:

Hammons is not listed as an early entrant yet on the much more reputable DraftExpress. The deadline to withdraw from the draft is April 27, so if Hammons does not hire an agent he could return much like JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore did a few years ago.

Again, this is VERY SKEPTICAL, but it is the first smoke we have seen that Hammons may be gone. If so, Purdue will be left with nine scholarship players and only one, Rapheal Davis, older than a sophomore.