"The strong have to overtake the weak, the right has to overtake the wrong"

ESPNs coverage of spring college football news has begun, and they recently spent some time on Purdue. Here is the article the just published:

So far it looks like the players and coaches are talking the talk, here are some nice bits I liked.

1. The title of this post was a quote by coach Darrell Hazel. Apparently, it is the whole mantra of the team this offseason

2. "The guys that aren't all about it are getting suffocated by us. Our goal is the Rose Bowl. Our goal is the Big Ten championship. In order to do that, everyone's got to buy in." -Austin Appleby. I really liked this quote as well. At seems like the players are extremely disappointed with last season and are hungry to do better

3. "It's maybe not all the way weeded out, but it's been identified," senior defensive end Ryan Russell said. "Everyone knows basically if you're not giving it your all and you're not committed, we see you, the seniors see you, and we're not taking that lightly." No comment needed from me

4. "More players are. When offensive coordinator John Shoop shows up to make his morning coffee, players are in the office watching film. Before leaving at night, he tells players to turn off the lights." LOVE THIS. It appears everyone is taking the offseason seriously.

What are your thoughts on this article? If you go to the ESPN Purdue clubhouse there is some more content that has been uploaded, including an interview with QB Danny Etling

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