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Three Boilers Head West for 2014 Wrestling NCAA Championships

Boilermakers and NCAA Championships in the same sentence! Rejoice!

Take a break from mourning last place finishes in both basketball and football to give some props to the lesser known student-athletes that represent the Purdue brand nationally. Purdue Wrestling sent three individuals west this week to take part in the NCAA Wrestling Championships, taking place in Oklahoma City.

For those not familiar with how national championship wrestling is setup (everyone), here are the basics.

  • Ten weight classes (123, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197, 285)
  • 32 wrestlers in each class
  • Top 16 wrestlers in each class are seeded, #1-16, the other 16 are not seeded
Heading into Friday morning, Purdue sits tied for 30th place.

Here's how each has performed through the first day of competition (Name, Weight Class, W/L, Seed)

Cash Quiroga (133, 18-6, #7)

Thursday Morning: v. Dennis Gustafson (VT, 25-14) Win: Fall 4:51

Thursday Night: v. (10) Nick Soto (Chattanooga, 34-10) Win: Decision 8 -7

Friday Morning: v. (2) A.J. Schopp (Edinboro, 33-1) TBD

Danny Sabatello (141, 22-14, NR)

Thursday Morning: v. (6) Christopher Dardanes (Minnesota, 26-7) Loss: SV-1 5-3

Braden Atwood (197, 26-11, #15)

Thursday Morning: v. KaRonne Jones (NC State, 14-15) Win: Decision 3-2

Thursday Afternoon: v. (2) J'Den Cox (Missouri, 35-2) Loss: Decision 10-4