Travis Miller to Step Down at Hammer and Rails

A couple of years ago, a front page post on H&R shockingly reported that Travis Miller was hanging up his laptop at Hammer and Rails. That turned out to be well crafted April 1st tomfoolery and we were all extremely relieved.

A couple of days back, I commented in the "Transfers" post that TMill was transferring from H&R (due to undisclosed disgurntlement) and irresponsibly added that I had it on questionable authority that he would discard his thesaurus and downshift into that single syllable blog out of Bedrock known as Crimson Quarry.

A wiseass comment sure. But just like when I flippantly asked my high school girlfriend, "you aren't preggers are you?", the reaction to my post has been surprising, extremely disturbing and 'change the world as we know it' unsettling. Kind of like when you first heard rumors that Matty P was looking west or that Anna Nicole might be dead, but had not yet heard facts.

Two days later, my information is no better. That said, the coal mine canary is tits-up at the bottom of the cage. Animals nervously pace back and forth. Flocks of birds swirl in the sky but never light. TMill's own son has been wailing at the top of his lungs for days. Clearly, something is up.

As I normally do at times like this, I've buckled my chin strap, stepped into a fresh Depends and now reach out to the H&R community for emotional support and to gossip about any information you may have on this situation.

Years from now, you will remember these days in terms of 'before I knew' and 'after'. The only prescription is black and gold loggeria.

Come on, gang. Let's spark up the Boilermaker Telegraph and weigh in via the rich palate of cyber tools available to you. Bit it pic, gif, sonnet, limerick or unvarnished horseshit in textual form - let 'er rip.

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