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2014 Big Ten Tournament: Semifinals Open Thread

It's Michigan-Ohio State and Wisconsin-Michigan State from Indianapolis.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

It is semifinal Saturday in Indianapolis and we have a pair of good games to talk about live in the Open Thread, if that is your thing. it is also regional Saturday in Indiana, so I will have some updates about that as the day goes on. That is what makes the month of March great. First, we have the Big Ten semifinals to discuss.

Michigan vs. Ohio State

At stake for Michigan is a possible No. 1 seed. I would say winning the Big Ten by three full games, then winning the tournament, is certainly worthy of No. 1 seed consideration. They get an Ohio State team that has been pushed in both games so far. The Buckeyes are trying to become only the second team to win four games in four days to win this tournament.

Michigan State vs. Wisconsin

This one should be great. Both teams looked fantastic last night. Wisconsin has No. 1 seed chances and Michgian State is finally coming together after a ton of injuries.