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2014 Big Ten Tournament: Day 2 Recap

Two close games and two blowouts highlighted day 2 in Indianapolis.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It was another fun day of basketball as the Big Ten Tournament as the afternoon session was fantastic, while the night games were methodical as both Wisconsin and Michigan State simply picked apart their opponents. Here are some of the highlights from inside the arena.

Michigan 64, Illinois 63

  • Michigan probably has the most active and vocal fans in Indianapolis. They also have the ones that complain the least.
  • Illinois had this game. They had it. Tracy Abrams had a great look for the win and left it short.
  • My colleague at The Sports Bank, Paul Banks, is an Illinois alum. He took credit for the late run by Illinois because he said it started when he got a Sunkist from the media room, which, of course, is the official beverage of the Big Ten Tournament.
  • The second-to-last possession by Illinois, where Abrams had to chuck a three late in the shot clock with Illinois leading, was all to familiar to Purdue fans.
  • Had Illinois wont hey might be a Bubble team, as it is a crowded Big Ten Bubble already with Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota there.

Tweet of the Night From the Team Blogs:

Ohio State 71, Nebraska 67

  • What a collapse by Nebraska! They were up 48-30 with just under 14 minutes to go. Ohio State went on a 41-17 run to close. As usual, Aaron Craft had some of the bigger shots, including a circus layup with 20 seconds left.
  • Ohio State fans are the clear leader in the Big Ten in smug.
  • LaQuinton Ross had himself a ballgame, and Ohio State continues to be the best team all-time in this tournament.
  • The consensus of the media is that we're tired of Aaron Craft in our lives.
  • I still think Nebraska in the NCAAs. If they are left out and Iowa gets in it is a travesty.The same if Minnesota gets in.

Tweet of the Night From the Team Blogs:

Wisconsin 83, Minnesota 57

  • Wisconsin flat-out dismantled Minnesota here. They had fun doing it too.
  • I got stuck in the tunnel with the Minnesota cheerleaders and Goldy as Michigan State was getting ready to come out and they were doing their pump-up dance. Iwas actually taller than Goldy, which surprised me. I did not get a chance to ask, "So, what's it like being a Gopher?"
  • Bo Ryan owns press conferences. When asked about his potential seed tomorrow his response was: "I never answer anything about seeds. Sunflower seeds, when I used to play baseball, I chewed them. That's the only seeds I know anything about."
  • Nigel Hayes and Ben Brust also had some fun. Hayes was talking about Brust's solid game and said: So I give credit to this superb shooter right here. He's well on his way to breaking records and everything, and I just want my children to be like him.

Tweet of the Night From the Team Blogs:

Michigan State 67, Northwestern 51

  • If I had an all-tourney team vote (and I don't) I think I would give it to Drew Crawford. He played his heart out in two games.
  • I think Michigan State is the "team that has the most fun on the bench". The whole team was in a zone last night and locked in defensively. The bench was acting like a 16 seed beating a 1 seed in the NCAA Tourney. Everyone was having fun.
  • Dave Sobolewski earned himself a technical for the ol' Naperville Nudge on a dunk. You just don't mess with Naperville, man.
  • I only stayed until the end to see if the kid with the yarmulke for Northwestern got in. Sadly, he did not.

Tweet of the Night From the Team Blogs: