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Ronnie Johnson Likely To Transfer From Purdue

Purdue possibly loses another starter to transfer.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there have been rumors about this, but I didn't expect things to move this quickly. It looks like sophomore point guard Ronnie Johnson will transfer from Purdue according to Chris Emma at Fox Sports.

Ronnie has been a starter virtually from day one and has scored 697 points in just two seasons to go with 256 assists and 208 rebounds. He has averaged more than 10 points per game in his two seasons in West Lafayette.

There have been rumors about this as early as just before the Big Ten season. Word has it he never saw eye-to-eye with coach Painter and one of the things I noticed is that he never seemed to truly trust anyone else on his team other than his brother, Terone Johnson.

Still, he has been a steady scorer and a reliable free throw shooter, something Purdue has struggled with. Many were hoping that Terone's graduation would allow Ronnie to break out next season since he would have to rely more on anyone else. Perhaps Bryson Scott behind him and the recent recruitment of P.J. Thompson have something to do with this.

I can't say I am surprised. There was just something off about Ronnie all year. It sucks that we're losing a good player and I can't understand why a starter averaging 10 points per game at a Big Ten school would transfer. This is not like Jacob Lawson, Donnie Hale, Sandi Marcius, or Anthony Johnson. Ronnie was getting more than enough playing time, so it has to be something between him and coach Painter.

This makes a young Purdue team even younger next season with only 10 scholarship players, none of them seniors and only two as juniors. We're still awaiting word on the draft status of A.J. Hammons, too.