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2014 Big Ten Tournament: Day 2 Open Thread

T-Mill is again courtside for the Big Ten Tournament.

It is day 2 of the Big Ten Tournament in Indianapolis and there are storylines for each game:


For Michigan, can they play their way into a No. 1 seed. For Illinois, can they miraculously find themselves on the Bubble as we approach Sunday?

Ohio State-Nebraska

Nebraska probably needs to win this one to feel safer about being int he field, but they should be on the happy side of the bubble for now. Losing to Ohio State is not as horrible as if Purdue had won and gotten here. Another solid win locks this up I think.


The Badgers were a possible one seed before losing to Nebraska. A Big Ten Tourney win might get them back there. Minnesota could definitely use another quality victory with losses to Northwestern and Purdue.

Michigan State-Northwestern

Michigan State is the league's most talented team, but has played like crap of late. Northwestern is looking for step two of a miracle run.