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2014 Big Ten Tournament: Purdue vs. Ohio State GameThread

The afternoon session of the 2014 Big Ten Tournament features the two "home" teams.

Andy Lyons

It is finally Big Ten Tournament time in Indianapolis and the opening session should be a dandy. The first game of the day is a pseudo-home game for Indiana as they face off against Illinois, who would be an NCAA Tournament team had they not decided to take the month of January off. They face an Indiana team that is as likely to win the tournament as lose today by 30.

The second game is our own, as Purdue's season may mercifully come to an end against Ohio State. Of course, A.J. Hammons could unleash the dominance that he showed int he first Ohio State game and, with some help, Purdue could pull off the upset.

I will be sitting courtside for both games as the Big Ten was kind enough to set me up with another media pass. I can't promise I'll get anything from the postgame press conference as I have to jet out quickly to get my son from day care, but I'll get a game wrap posted ASAP.