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2014 Purdue National Signing Day Open Thread

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National Signing Day is here and hope springs eternal.


Will this be the class that pulls Purdue out of the Big Ten basement? If it is, it will be a class full of hidden gems. This is not a highly rated class with only one, maybe two recruits listed as four-star prospects by any service. it is a lot of three-star guys with several two stars too, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Dustin Keller was a two-star commit that became a first round draft pick. Mike Otto was also a two-star that made the NFL. As was Kyle Adams.

There can be some good players here, but it will take work and coaching as it is Darrell Hazell's first full recruiting class, whereas last year he had to work to keep most of Danny Hope's guys on board like Danny Etling. I'll be updating throughout the day, but in the meantime here are the profiles that have been done here at H&R on each guy that is expected to sign:


David Blough

Kirk Barron

Gelen Robinson

Tim Cason

Bearooz Yacoobi

Cole Herdman

Juan Jenkins

Dexter Knox

Austin McGehee

Cedric Dale

Will Colmery

Trae Hart

Keiwan Jones

Jawhaun Bentley

Corey Clements

Gregory Phillips

Martesse Patterson

Brandon Roberts

Still waiting to sign:

Miguel Machado