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Boiler Cliff Avril Wins Super Bowl Ring

The 2008 draft pick goes from the worst team in NFL history to winning the Super Bowl.

Tom Pennington

Cliff Avril was a third round pick int he 2008 NFL Draft and ended up playing on one of the worst teams in NFL history. In his first season he, along with Stu Schweigert, played major minutes on a defense that finished 0-16, as the Lions went down in infamy.

After five seasons in Detroit he helped rebuild the Lions to at least respectability by taking them to the playoffs a few seasons ago, but in the offseason he signed a two-year, $12 million contract. That contract paid off in a big way as he played a very large role in the Seahawks winning their first Super Bowl.

Avril had three tackles on the night, but one was for a safety. He also pressured Peyton Manning into the throw that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Malcolm Smith. Smith would go on to win the MVP award, but Avril was certainly int he discussion for it.

Congratulations to Cliff for making the Den of Defensive Ends proud. I think we have one of the leaders of SHOUT next season booked.