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2014 Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Trey Dickerson

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Purdue is starting to show some interest in a junior college point guard.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue is looking for another point guard, as Ronnie Johnson and Bryson Scott have not worked out as true point guards in the same vein as Lewis Jackson. Both will be back next season, but coach Painter still has two scholarships open for next season and would like to find true point.

This afternoon a name surfaced that could be a solution, especially for a team that is currently struggling with on-court leadership and will have no scholarship seniors. Trey Dickerson, a 6'1" 180 point point guard from Williston State College is a 2014 junior college transfer prospect that has some small ties to Sterling Carter. Dickerson was initially offered by Seattle, where Carter used to play, out of high school in Los Angeles, but has played the past two seasons at Silliston State.

So far this season he is having a great year. Through 23 games he is averaging 19.9 points and 6 assists per game. At Purdue he would need to be a distributor as well as a reliable shooter, and it looks like he fulfills both categories. He shoots 48.2% from the field and 34.2% from three. He also can hit free throws as a 69% clip. He officially has offers from UAB and Nebraska, but Purdue is showing interest.

Getting Dickerson would put Purdue in a tricky scholarship position. It would have the Boilers at 12 of 13 scholarships claimed for the 2014-15 season and give us a 5-man 2014 recruiting class. With no seniors next year, however, the Boilers would be limited to a single scholarship for 2015. Purdue currently has offers out on five point guards alone for 2015, including the highly rated Jalen Brunson. Hyron Edwards, Jordan Ash, and Jalen Coleman are also outstanding with offers, but with only one scholarship Purdue would be severely limited unless someone left early for whatever reason.

We'll see what happens.