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IPFW at Purdue GameThread

The Mastodons of the Summit League are a strong team that can upset the Boilers tonight.

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

In the preview earlier today I sounded the upset alert siren, but it needs to be sounded again:

The Mastodons are an extremely dangerous team. if North Florida can come into Mackey and spring an upset the Mastodons of IPFW are more than capable of doing so.No state school ever wants to lose to a satellite campus, either. With a win tonight we will have a season sweep of the alphabet satellite campuses.

Let us not forget the hate, too. While we love their Purdue side, let's not forget what the I stands for: Indiana. WE'RE PLAYING IU TONIGHT (of sorts)! Down in the deep recesses of that loveable Mastodon's heart there are candy stripe pants and a Notre Dame football jacket just begging to talk about banners.

We cannot let this stand. We must cut out the IU part of IPFW and set them on their proper Purdue way going forward.