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2014-15 Bowl Gifts: The Non-Bowl Team Gift Suite

Because even the teams that miss bowl games deserve love.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best things about the college football bowl season is bowl swag. Each bowl game can give every player gifts worth up to $550 according to the NCAA, and it is often a series of hats, watches, footballs, and gift cards. The full list of bowl SWAG for each bowl game can be found here, while SB Nation has already ranked the best and worst gifts.

What about the non-bowl teams though? There are 128 FBS level football teams this season (including UAB, who is closing its program. This year there are 39 bowl games, so 76 of the 128 teams are playing in a bowl this year (the National Championship game counts as the 39th bowl). That means there are 52 teams not playing a bowl, so they deserve something, right? Well, I have some suggestions, with the help of Twitter, for what the gifts can be up to the $550 limit.

First, here were some suggestions I was given on Twitter:

Those are some expensive toilets! Most bowls have what is called a Gift Suite, where the parent company brings in a catalog and players can order what they want up to the $550 limit. Here is the Gift Suite then, for the non-bowl teams.