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2014 Maui Invitational: Purdue vs. Kansas State GameThread

The Boiler play in the first game out on Maui.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who is out on Maui for these games are likely having a lot more fun than I am. I am ensconced in my office watching via the Watch ESPN service on my laptop while it is cold and windy outside. Having been to Maui once and seeing the pictures again I am more than jealous.

Of course, today is all business after the fun of yesterday's press conference. We have 26 years of pent-up payback to lay on Kansas State after What Happened in Detroit. This is the first real test of the season for Purdue after three blowout victories to start the year in West Lafayette.

To me, the goal is still two wins out on Maui. Two victories would be a very successful trip and a win today guarantees that we probably avoid Chaminade and we likely get a real test against Arizona tomorrow. We're a slight favorite, so let's go get this.