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Football Recruiting: Sindelar Injury and Markell Jones Finale

Purdue's two top offensive recruits for 2015 had a heartbreaking Friday night.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Quarterback Elijah Sindelar, Purdue's top recruit for the 2015 class, injured his knee in his team's final playoff game, a 47-28 loss on Friday night to the Murray Tigers.  Sindelar, a senior at Caldwell County High School, was running the ball in for a touchdown, putting his team up 14-0 in the first quarter, when the injury occurred.  Caldwell would go on to lose to Murray, 47-28, finishing 11-2 on the season.  The star quarterback threw for 48 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions this year.  In October, Sindelar surpassed Tim Couch as Kentucky's all-time leader in touchdowns thrown.

Caldwell County High School's "unofficial" SID had these tweets regarding the injury:

On top of that, the injury occurred just one day after he announced his intentions to graduate in December and enroll early for classes at Purdue in January.  I'm not going to talk about a curse here.  I'm not going to mention what might have happened, or talk about what we all think probably tore.  I'm not going to say those words.  I don't believe in curses, and this is just a coincidence.  Yep.  As long as I sit here in my chair, sipping on cheap bourbon and vermouth, ignoring the outside world, the devil can't get to me.  Not here in my safe zone.

IRREGARDLESS AND OTHER WORDS THAT DO NOT EXIST, we are excited to get this kid on campus and let the healing process begin, no matter what the prognosis.  He has an MRI scheduled for Monday, which also happens to coincidentally coincide with my first planned trip to church in longer than I'm willing to admit.

Get healthy, Elijah.  You had an amazing high school career and we can't wait to see what you can do at the next level.

Markell Jones, Purdue's top-rated running back of the 2015 class and star of Columbus East High School, also saw his season come to an end Friday evening in very disappointing fashion.  New Palestine kicker Spencer Corey nailed a game-winning 25-yard field goal as time expired to knock out Columbus East, 30-28.  Columbus East was previously undefeated going in to Friday night's 4A semistate matchup.

With 59 TD's going in to Friday night's game, Jones had a chance to tie or break Indiana's single-season touchdown record of 61.  He scored one touchdown in the game and finished just shy of tying the record.

Both of these kids had OUTSTANDING record-breaking high school careers and have very bright futures ahead of them as Boilermakers.