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Purdue Football Recruiting: Markell Jones - Tecmo Bo/Record Setter

Markell Jones is the most unstoppable force on a football field since Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson. He just set the all-time Indiana single season rushing yardage record, and is in the top five for numerous other all-time Indiana records.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I was waiting to sum up Markell Jones’s senior season after he secured another Columbus East state championship, but it was brought to my attention that Markell just set the Indiana single season rushing record. For all of you children of the 80’s, Markell Jones is Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson. He is simply playing at a different level than any other player on the field. Honestly, he must be bored some nights.

Senior Stats and (All-Time Indiana single season ranking):

Rushing Yds: 3379 (1st)
Rushing TDs: 59 (2nd)
Scoring: 354 pts (4th)

Career Stats and (All-Time Indiana career ranking):

Rushing Yds: 7642 (2nd)
Rushing TDs: 123 (141 is the record, not sure where Jones is on the list, top 10 for certain)
Scoring: 750 pts (4th)

I’m not sure he has enough time to break the career rushing mark or the either scoring mark, but I’ll let you know if he does. He has a tough match up against New Palestine this week, but he will be the Columbus East offense, so the potential for another huge game is certainly there. He should be Mr. Football in Indiana...Oh, and he's still just a 3* prospect apparently. He might need a better hype man. I'm available.