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Coach Painter Rejoins Twitter

Everyone's favorite basketball coach is back.

No CMP, you "Like" things on Facebook.
No CMP, you "Like" things on Facebook.
Andy Lyons

Twitter has long been a recruiting tool for college basketball coaches, but coach Painter has not really been a fan of it. in fact, here was his last Tweet:

Well, he ban his players from being on Twitter during the season, but the Man is back!

Let's see what has happened since coach Painter's last Tweet almost five years ago:

  • Purdue has had three players drafted into the NBA (and Robbie Hummel has had three knee surgeries).
  • Three versions of the iphone have been released.
  • The Big Ten has added three members, and changed its logo.
  • Tom Crean has Tweeted several thousand times, often absurdly.
  • Purdue has won a Big Ten regular season championship.
  • Purdue has fired a football coach and ended a 103 year drought between baseball titles.
  • Four godawful Twilight films were released.
  • We found water on another planet outside the solar system.
  • We also landed a probe on a comet!
  • We sent a couple of more satellites to Mars.
  • The Space Shuttles were retired.
  • First Private space flights to the International Space Station.
  • Voyager I has officially left the solar system and is now in Interstellar space.
  • Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast.
  • Our main rivals were rebuilt, had the Greatest December Win In College Basketball History, were ranked No. 1, and still went to the exact same number of Sweet 16s we went to in that time.
  • Two World Cups were played.
  • Three Olympics were held.
  • We killed bin Laden
  • Arab Spring
  • John Wooden died.
  • And Neil Armstrong.
  • We completely renovated Mackey Arena.
  • Lebron James left the Cavs, then returned.
  • Many players have joined and left/graduate from the team.
  • T-Mill had a kid.
  • Oh, and that whole Mizzou fiasco, aka Paintergate.
  • IU still sucks.

Welcome back, coach.