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Michigan State at Purdue Depth Chart: Sean Robinson Out

Purdue likely has lost its senior middle linebacker.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

In this week's edition of depth charts it looks like there is a major change for the defense. Sean Robinson, Purdue's starting middle linebacker, suffered a knee injury Saturday at Illinois and this week he is not listed at all on the depth chart. That means he is very likely out this week, and maybe for the year.  Here was a tweet from GBI earlier today:

Robinson has come a very, VERY long way in his career at Purdue. After coming in and playing as a quarterback as a true freshman (even starting a game) he shifted to linebacker out of need. He struggled at times, but this year has been pretty solid. He is currently third on the team in tackles with 42 and has a sack along with two pass breakups.

Here is how it affects the depth chart:

QB: 1. Austin Appleby 2. Danny Etling

RB: 1. Akeem Hunt 2. Raheem Mostert OR Keyante Green

WR: 1. DeAngelo Yancey 2. Gregory Phillips

WR: 1. Danny Anthrop 2. Cameron Posey

WR: 1. B.J. Knauf 2. Trae Hart OR Dan Monteroso

LT: 1. David Hedelin 2. Cameron Cermin

LG: 1. Jason King 2. Jason Tretter

C: 1. Robert Kugler 2. Cameron Cermin

RG: 1. Jordan Roos 2. Corey Clements

RT: 1. J.J. Prince 2. Cameron Cermin

TE: 1. Gabe Holmes 2. Justin Sinz


DT: 1. Jake Replogle 2. Michael Rouse III

NG: 1. Ra'Zahn Howard 2. Ryan Watson

DE: 1. Ryan Russell 2. Evan Panfil

RE: 1. Jalani Phillips 2. Gelen Robinson

Will: 1. Ja'Whaun Bentley 2. Danny Ezechukwu

Mike: 1. Danny Ezechukwu OR Andy James Garcia 2. Garrett Hudson

Sam: 1. Jimmy Herman 2. Andy James Garcia

CB: 1. Anthony Brown 2. Leroy Clark

SS: 1. Frankie Williams 2. Taylor Richards

FS: 1. Landon Feichter 2. Austin Logan

CB: 1. Antoine Lewis 2. Da'Wan Hunte

Kickoffs: Paul Griggs


  • David Hedelin appears to have taken over the left tackle spot, as he played there most of the Illinois game.
  • Cameron Cermin has become the experienced backup that rotates at right tackle, but can still play inside. The line has greatly firmed up because of it.
  • Frankie Williams has really taken over at safety after being primarily a corner in his career.
  • The loss of Robinson (and previously Joe Gilliam) means that Purdue lost its two most experienced linebackers. Everyone on the depth chart is now a freshman or sophomore, with Hudson and Ezechukwu playing only a little this year. Ezechukwu has five tackles and half a sack while Hudson (the son of our defensive coordinator) has played very sparingly.
  • Garcia moves back up after playing extensively last season.
  • Purdue needs more production from its receivers, especially this week. Yancey and Posey each have only eight receptions on the season. Hunt, Anthrop, and Sinz are the only three players in double-digit receptions.