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Purdue Basketball Opens Practice

It's time to play hard.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I think the last two basketball seasons have been enough. The 2014-15 Men's Basketball season officially got underway this afternoon and BTN even was there to give us some highlights:

I know there is not a lot that we can take from one practice, but I already like this team. I think the five freshmen plus no scholarship seniors is going to give them a bit of an edge that, quite frankly has been missing the last two years. It could be a case of addition by subtraction as the team has not felt like a team each of these past two seasons. These guys almost have to band together by default because we have only 10 scholarship guys when there are normally 13. The freshmen will play, the juniors must lead, and the sophomores in between will hopefully get a boot up their butts to improve.

As long as this team play Purdue Basketball I will be elated. We haven't seen a team determined to play defense and outwork an opponent at all cost the last two seasons.