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Bye Week and Volleyball Gamethread

What to do when there is no football?

Juan Crespo

I don't know about you, but last year the bye weeks felt like a blessing. This year, despite only having 3 wins, I'm itching for some football given the way Purdue has played in its last 3 games. With football taking a well deserved break, basketball not having its first exhibition until next Sunday (there is a scrimmage today), and volleyball playing a televised game on the road at #10 Illinois, we're making a bye week and volleyball gamethread.

Below are the Top 25 and Big Ten games throughout the day. Volleyball plays at #10 Illinois at 6pm on BTN.

Maryland at Wisconsin (BTN)
Minnesota at Illinois (ESPNU)
Rutgers at #16 Nebraska (ESPN2)
Texas at #11 Kansas State (ESPN)

#25 UCLA at Colorado (Pac-12 Network)

Michigan at #8 Michigan State (ABC) (If Michigan has positive running yards at the end of the day, it will be an improvement from last year's game)
#1 Mississippi State at Kentucky (CBS)
Texas Tech at #10 TCU (Fox)
#22 West Virginia at Oklahoma State (ESPN)
Florida Atlantic at #23 Marshall (FS1)

#15 Arizona at Washington State (Pac-12 Network)
#13 Purdue at #10 Illinois (BTN) (It deserves to be mentioned twice, because I'm sure Illini fans are looking forward to it more than the football game.)

Syracuse at #21 Clemson (ESPNU)

#3 Ole Miss at #24 LSU (ESPN)

#4 Alabama at Tennessee (ESPN2)

#13 Ohio State at Penn State (ABC)

#20 USC at #19 Utah (FS1)

#14 Arizona State at Washington (ESPN)