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30 Days To Purdue Basketball: Neal Beshears

Purdue's lone senior is a long-time walk-on that will close out his career this season.


A lot of people do not realize that Purdue does have one four-year player still on the roster going into the 2014-15 season. He is the only player still on the roster from our last NCAA Tournament team even though he did not play against either St. Mary's or Kansas. In fact, he has played very little over the past three years, but he is still there to provide senior leadership.

Neal Beshears - Sr.

Winchester, IN (Winchester HS)

6'7", 198 pounds


2014-15 Projection: Deep reserve at power forward

Neal has done a lot behind the scenes in his time at Purdue. He spent the 2010-11 season playing at Maine Central Institute before coming to Purdue as a preferred walk-on. Given Purdue's scholarship situation the past few seasons he may have had as many as three years covered. Counting this season, Purdue has had an extra scholarship available each season available to offer him. Since Stephen Toyra, a junior, was offered one of the two extras this season it is very likely Beshears got the 13th and final spot.

In his career Beshears has seen action in 26 career games, but much of it has been in mop-up walk-on action. His lengthiest outing was eight minutes at Indiana during the 2012-13 season. Last season he only played in six games and did not score a point.

All told, Beshears has nine points on 3 of 8 shooting from the field. He is also 1 of 4 from three. He also has 10 rebounds and six assists, which isn't bad for only 62 career minutes.

His on the court contributions have been minimal, and given that a guy like Toyra has seen more meaningful minutes I don't think Beshears suddenly becomes a major player in his final year. He is still on the roster to provide senior leadership and help this team in practice. Think of him as a quiet leader; one who won't be dropping 20 and 10 on people, but will be in the huddle doing the little things. If he gets a Bobby Buckets moment or two, all the better.