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Purdue at Minnesota Depth Charts: B.J. Knauf Questionable

Purdue's starters are being solidified not only for this year, but next year.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After getting banged up last week B.J. Knauf looks like the biggest change this week in the depth chart vs. Minnesota:

QB: 1. Austin Appleby 2. Danny Etling

RB: 1. Akeem Hunt 2. Raheem Mostert OR Keyante Green

WR: 1. DeAngelo Yancey 2. Gregory Phillips

WR: 1. Danny Anthrop 2. Cameron Posey

WR: 1. B.J. Knauf 2. Trae Hart OR Dan Monteroso

LT: 1. David Hedelin 2. Cameron Cermin

LG: 1. Jason King 2. Jason Tretter

C: 1. Robert Kugler 2. Cameron Cermin

RG: 1. Jordan Roos 2. Corey Clements

RT: 1. J.J. Prince 2. Cameron Cermin

TE: 1. Gabe Holmes 2. Justin Sinz


DT: 1. Jake Replogle 2. Michael Rouse III

NG: 1. Ra'Zahn Howard 2. Ryan Watson

DE: 1. Ryan Russell 2. Evan Panfil

RE: 1. Jalani Phillips 2. Gelen Robinson

MLB: 1. Ja'Whaun Bentley 2. Garrett Hudson

WLB: 1. Danny Ezechukwu 2. Andy James Garcia

SLB: 1. Jimmy Herman 2. Andy James Garcia

CB: 1. Anthony Brown 2. Leroy Clark

SS: 1. Frankie Williams 2. Taylor Richards

FS: 1. Landon Feichter 2. Austin Logan

CB: 1. Antoine Lewis 2. Da'Wan Hunte

Kickoffs: Paul Griggs


  • Coach Hazell has said Hart could get more snaps if Knauf can't go. Cameron Posey has been severely underused compared to his production last season, but someone is going to have to step up because Anthrop has been, by far, Appleby's top target.
  • There was some change in the linebacker terminology used this week, but Ja'Whaun Bentley is officially at middle linebacker now. It is a big challenge for the freshman, but I think we can expect him to be here for the next four years as Purdue has FINALLY found an answer at the gaping hole of middle linebacker.
  • Another note from coach hazel is that Antoine Lewis may sit more this week in favor of Leroy Clark, who played a lot more last week. If it leads to actual coverage on third and long I am all for it. Clark, a sophomore, has more of a future than Lewis, a senior, anyway.
  • Speaking of seniors, it is looking good that Purdue's improvement could reap huge benefits next season. Here are the only seniors currently starting on either side of the ball: Hunt, Holmes/Sinz, Russell, Phillips, Lewis, Feichter. That's six starters lost next year, seven if you count Jesse Schmitt at long snapper. All but one as a solid replacement in the making too:

Hunt - Keyante Green

Holmes/Sinz - ?

Russell - Evan Panfil

Phillips - Gelen Robinson

Lewis - Clark

Feichter - Austin Logan

Schmitt - John Bednar or the recruited long snapper we have coming in.

If this current starting group keeps producing and improving we could see a very big turn around next season.