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31 Days to Purdue Basketball: Dakota Mathias

Purdue's freshman shooting guard should provide a boost with long-range shooting.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has been in dire need of long-range bombers for awhile now. Two seasons ago D.J. Byrd was the lone consistent three-point threat. Last year it was Kendall Stephens in the same role. Now Stephens has some help, as a bomber from northwest Ohio has come on board to help out.

Dakota Mathias - Fr.

Elida, OH (Elida HS)

6'4", 197 pounds

Shooting guard

2014-15 Projection: Contributor off the bench

If Purdue needed a three-pointer last season there was little question as to who was taking it. Kendall Stephens attempted 173 triples last year. The only other player with more than 100 was Terone Johnson, who had 104. Sterling Carter (28 of 91), and Ronnie Johnson (17 of 56) were the only other two players with more than 40 long range attempts, and since they are all gone it means Kendall needs more help.

That's where Mathias comes in. He should be a steady contributor at guard off the bench and give Purdue at least some options when Kendall needs some rest. He averaged 28 points, 8 rebounds, and six assists last season for his high school and was one of the better guards in Ohio. He is a little like Ryne Smith, but with more size and he is a better passer.

On paper Mathias seems like a "Purdue" type of player in that he is a gym rat who works hard and is unselfish. That sounds like exactly what we need.

Ed. Note: Ronnie Johnson's 3-point statistics has been changed from '7 of 56' to '17 of 56.'