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BCS Championship Game Open Thread

Join us as we talk about the 2013 college football season for the final time.

Harry How

Tonight is the night of the final BCS Championship game. and Purdue is about as far from it as you can get. The Boilers were 1-11 and were not even the opponent of either Florida State or Auburn. In fact, the Boilers were not even an opponent of an opponent of either team.

The closest Purdue got to the National title game were, ironically, its best two offensive games of the season. Purdue had 24 points and over 500 yards of total offense in a 55-24 loss to Northern Illinois. NIU beat Idaho, who also lost late in the season to Florida State.

Purdue also had its highest scoring day of the season against Indiana. The Hoosiers lost earlier in the season to Missouri at home, who had a surprise season before losing to Auburn in the SEC title game.

So there you have it. The FSU connection goes Purdue-Northern Illinois-Idaho-Florida State and the Auburn connection goes Purdue-Indiana-Missouri-Auburn.

If you want to talk about the game or bitch further about the Purdue season here is your thread.