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2014 Purdue Football Recruiting: Miguel Machado Commits

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Purdue gets a much-needed offensive tackle for 2014.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

No, it is not Poona Ford, but with only a few days before National Signing Day Purdue is wrapping up its 2014 recruiting class. Ford seems to be the biggest name still out there on Purdue's board, but another big name dropped Thursday night.

Miguel Machado, a JuCo player from  Pasadena City Community College in California committed to the Boilers. Machado is one of the top junior college offensive line prospects in the country and is listed as 3-star according to Rivals, a 3-star according to ESPN, and a 3-star according to Scout.

This was a top priority in Purdue's recruiting class, mostly because the offensive line would have had to improve to be godawful last year. He comes to Purdue with two years of eligibility and he will likely be in line to be an immediate starter at offensive tackle. For the Big Ten he is slightly undersized at 6'6" 280 pounds, but he is an athletic tackle.

Purdue certainly needs something at tackle. Kevin Pamphile and Justin Kitchens are gone as the guys that started there last year. Jack DeBoef and J.J. Prince have experience, but have not seized the starting positions. You can likely pencil Machado in as the starter from day one.

It is hard to get much worse. Purdue gave up 80 tackles for loss, 38 sacks, and had one of the worst running games in the entire country.

Welcome aboard, Miguel. You are more than needed.

Player Rivals ESPN Scout
Kirk Barron 2-star 3-star 3-star
David Blough 3-star 3-star 3-star
Trae Hart 2-star 3-star 3-star
Austin McGehee 2-star 3-star 3-star
Gregory Phillips 2-star 3-star 2-star
Gelen Robinson 4-star 3-star 3-star
Tim Cason 3-star 3-star 3-star
Keiwan Jones 2-star 3-star 2-star
Simmie Cobbs 3-star 3-star 2-star
Brandon Roberts 2-star 3-star 3-star
Jawhaun Bentley 3-star 3-star 3-star
Martesse Patterson 2-star 3-star 3-star
Will Colmery 3-star 3-star 2-star
Juan Jenkins 3-star 3-star 2-star
Cole Herdman 2-star 3-star 2-star
Dexter Knox 2-star 3-star 2-star
LaDarius Wiley 3-star 3-star 3-star
Cedric Dale 2-star 3-star 3-star
Miguel Machado 3-star 3-star 3-star
Bearooz Yacoobi 2-star 3-star 2-star
CLASS RANK 64th Nationally, 13th of 14 in B1G Not in top 40 Nationally 59th Nationally, 12th of 14 in B1G