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No. 8 Wisconsin 72, Purdue 58. More of the same.

Boilers lose another one after playing flat in Mackey Arena.

Michael Hickey

Hey, another disappointing performance. Honestly, it's hard to not just feel...defeated ... after watching this game. Stop me when you' have heard this before:

Purdue lost today after going through a long second half drought (13 points in 14 minutes at one point late in the second half). The Boilers were down 42-39 with just more than 15 minutes left in the game. They lost 72-58. T

Purdue lost today after A.J. Hammons failed to get going while battling foul trouble. The big man picked up three first half fouls in two minutes of action. Two were pretty weak calls, but they were fouls nonetheless. Even when he came back in and didn't pick up another foul in the second half, he still finished with just two rebounds and two points.

Honestly, - and you'll rarely hear (read?) me say this - Purdue might have been better off with him on the bench. He just didn't have the quickness to guard the guys in Wisconsin jerseys. What Purdue gave up offensively with him out they more than made up for with Jay Simpson's quickness on the defensive end. I'm not saying Purdue wins with Hammons on the bench, but when he's not scoring, they might' have had a better shot at it.

Wisconsin had five guys in double figures, hitting 41.3 percent from the field and 7-of-20 from long-range. Purdue had two guys in double figures, Terone Johnson and Bryson Scott. They both had 10, and needed 13 and 10 shots each, respectively, to get there. Purdue is now 4-4 in games when Bryson Scott hits double figures, according to Purdue SID Chris Forman. The Boilers hit just 3 of their 17 long-range shots.

Eleven guys played for Purdue today. Raphael Davis was the only one (2-3) to hit better than 50-percent of his shots.

For those keeping track, Wisconsin had 33 free throw attempts to Purdue's 13. I'm not going to complain about the officiating tonight though. Yeah, Wisconsin got some calls I wish Purdue would've gotten, but for the most part the Badgers got calls because they beat defenders and attacked the rim, but were smart about it.

Honestly, this wasn't a game where Wisconsin seemed to just "have it" while Purdue didn't. For the second game in a row, this was a game that was winnable for Purdue. Nothing Wisconsin did was that impressive; Purdue just continued to doom itself with horrible shot selection and a lack of effort both defensively and in rebounding. This is nothing new for Purdue this season, so I guess the joke is really on us for expecting anything different.

I just don't know how many more times I can watch a Purdue guard go 1-on-3 against the defense in a fast break and throw up a prayer, hoping for a whistle that won't come, before I throw my remote through my TV.