College Nickname/Mascot WTF

One thing I love about fall is college football. For this first time since the March Madness, our beloved alma mater is on our minds and the trash talking begins with everyone you know who schooled somewhere else.

Many college team nicknames/mascots are pretty bland (the SEC has two sets of Tigers and two sets of Bulldogs), while some have local significance (that B1G school south of Indy comes to mind). Some are highly creative and bring a smile to my face every time I think of them - the Banana Slugs of Univ of Santa Cruz is my all time favorite (see the Pulp Fiction scene where Vincent and Jules have just cleaned up after "cleaning up").

More often than not, the nicknames and mascots match. This post, however, is about those that don't .

Example? I'll start right in West Lafayette where we call ourselves "Boilermakers" (which is either a fabricator of power plants from a bygone age or a stiff eye-opener to get Breakfast Club started on the right foot), while our official mascot is a Train (a train that Nike keeps $&^%@#$-ing with, I might add). Not quite the same thing. I should mention that Purdue Pete is still pissed at Morgan Burke for the whole train thing and doesn't speak to The Boilermaker Special to this day.

Two other schools that share this characteristic with Purdue are The Alabama Crimson Tide whose mascot is an Elephant named "Big Al" and The Stanford Cardinal (the color, not the bird) whose crowds are whipped to a frenzy by the sight of a Fir Tree.

I'm sure there are others - let's leverage the considerable power of the H&R readership to build on this list.

Boiler up! Mulch the Sycamores!!

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