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Indiana State At Purdue 2013: GameThread

Here come the Trees!

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Today has to go much better than last week, mostly because it could not have gone much worse last week. It would pretty much take an epic disaster for Purdue to lose today. As we know, the Boilers are 8-0 all-time vs. The FCS and has never allowed a lower Division team within 10 points. Most of the time Purdue scores 40 in these games without breaking a sweat.

I want to see improvement this week. i want to see a team that looks like it knows what it is doing on offense. Last week was pretty awful, but maybe, just maybe, Cincinnati is that good defensively. If we come out and drop 60 today we'll have our answer.

I am in the Shively Club section today with my parents tickets. Sitting with me are Mrs. T-Mill and Little Man, who is attending his first Purdue game at a mere 4.5 months old. hopefully it will be a memorable experience for him other than, "Dad took me to Harry's for the first time to forget that loss."