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Welcome Home, Kenneth Lowe

The former Purdue player is back home in West Lafayette.

Jamie Squire

Many of you remember Kenneth Lowe as one of the last great players under Gene Keady. He battled shoulder injuries for a good portion of his career, but the tough-nosed guard was a hell of a defender and was a key cog on Keady's final NCAA Tournament team in 2003.

Well, he is coming home:

This move was expected, as Lowe was commonly mentioned for the open assistant coach spot that Brandon Brantley recently filled. Brantley has more coaching experience, while Lowe recently retired from a lengthy playing career over in Europe. Lowe's return gives him a role within the department that may eventually evolve into more of a coaching role. As a resident of The Region he can also rebuild those strong recruiting ties in that area.

Welcome home, Kenny!