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Quick Postgame: The New, New Era: Purdue loses 55-24

Homecoming doesn't go as planned for the Boilers, but a new hope arrives.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue took a loss today but the biggest story of the day was the start of the Danny Etling Era at Purdue. After a rough first half for Rob Henry that included a completion percetage south of 50% and two picks, Hazell pulled the redshirt on the prized freshman.

Etling entered to loud applause late in the second half, completing his first two passes and setting Purdue up for a 47-yard field goal to end the half.

The optimism took a slow downturn throughout the rest of the game as Purdue ended the day with one the worst losses ever by the Big Ten to MAC school. This is was an embarrassing loss to an NIU team that is good, but squeaked out wins against Idaho and Eastern Illinois but came into Ross-Ade and wasted Purdue by 31.
However today the next chapter started in Purdue football. Etling showed hints of brilliamce, followed by interceptions and bad decisions, but I'd rather see the future throw picks than the past.

(Written at a bar, on a phone, after watching 3 hours of Purdue football...what's with that font?)