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Wisconsin 41, Purdue 10 FINAL: Same Old, Same Old

The Wisconsin Badgers once again ran all over Purdue to open Big Ten play.

Joe Robbins

It is not really complicated to figure out what happened today at Camp Randall Stadium. The same thing that ALWAYS happens when Purdue and Wisconsin play, be it at Camp Randall, Ross-Ade, or even if they somehow played on the Europa, the moon of Jupiter. Purdue was unable to stop the power running game and the Badgers ran all over Purdue to the tune of 388 yards.

It is really a tiring refrain at this point. Purdue is hardly a textbook tackling team, but once again, they somehow got infinitely worse against Wisconsin. When Wisconsin did choose to throw, Jared Abbrederis, who is only an all-Big Ten caliber receiver and their lone reliable target, was roaming uncovered in most situations.

Of course, Wisconsin did not need to throw much. Melvin Gordon ran for 147 yards and three scores, taking over where Montee Ball left off. James White had 145 yards and a score. Both players completely outgained the Purdue offense until a late drive ended with a Rob Henry interception.

I will have more later since this is just the quickie wrap, but it was predictable. Purdue needed to stop the run. Everyone knew it. Purdue did not stop the run in any way, shape, or form, and got blown out.

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