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Purdue At Wisconsin 2013 GameThread

The 2013 Big Ten Football season kicks off today between Purdue and Wisconsin. Talk about it here!

Jonathan Daniel

I am not quite sure what to expect today given Purdue's lengthy history with the Badgers. I do know that Darrell Hazell will have us more prepared than Danny Hope did against Wisconsin and that Brett Bielema is gone, so there won't be much running up the score like he did.

Other than that, it is simple: Purdue has to find a way to stop the runs of Melvin Gordon, James White, and Corey Clement. We have to make Joel Stave throw the ball and allow the secondary to come up and make some plays. The defense, even though it has struggled in the second half, has only given up 17 first half points and none in the first quarter. Getting an early lead would be huge.

So, let's sit back, relax, and try to have some fun here. The expectations are low so maybe another surprise is in store. Let's prove that last week was not a fluke and that we're not a team that may go 1-11 as some people think. I hope to join you guys int he open thread some time in the first half since this is the first game this year I am not at.