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Notre Dame At Purdue 2013 GameThread

Discuss tonight's game as the Fighting Irish visit Ross-Ade Stadium.


Ross-Ade Stadium should be packed and there should be a fun atmosphere tonight as we face long-time rival Notre Dame. The expectations, as you can tell from this week, are very low. Purdue is a big home underdog at night, which rarely happens in the college football world. Fortunately, it affords the opportunity to shock a bunch of people.

Even though Purdue has a very poor home night record, the crowd should be excellent. I have a good feeling about this one too. I have for some time. I remember the 1997 game where Joe Tiller's unheralded team, fresh off of an ugly loss at Toledo, stunned the Irish to break a 12-game losing streak. The current loss streak is only five, but a victory would be just as stunning if not more so.

I am sitting int eh Shively Club tonight so follow along with my comments on Twitter. Juan has come out of retirement to police the Open Thread, so let's go shock some people!.