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Boilermakings Announces The Circle Tailgate

Purdue Sports news, notes, and links for August 9.

Just three weeks from today we'll be getting ready to kick off the 2013 football season, and Jeff McKean of the Boilermaker Business Exchange of Indianapolis, along with Pete Quinn of the Purdue Radio Network is organizing the first Boilermaker Circle Tailgate on Monument Circle in Indianapolis. Here are the details:

· Purdue grads and TV personalities Angela Buchman & Kevin Gregory will emcee the program

· Purdue President Mitch Daniels will address the crowd

· Morgan Burke will say a few words

· Darrell Hazell and the team will participate in the event on the way to Cincy and Coach Hazell and some players will speak

· Leroy Keyes, Mark Herrmann, Bart Burrell, Seth Morales, Rosevelt Colvin, Pete Lougheed, John Standeford and many other former players will be there.

· Kelly Kitchel, Tim Newton and Joe McConnell will all participate

· The Purdue Pep Band, the Purdue Drum, Purdue Pete, Purdue Cheerleaders and the Boilermaker Special will be there

· Sun King Brewery will have a beer garden

· Food vendors and food trucks will be there

· Tricked out Purdue Tailgate Vehicles will be on the Circle

· We will have media coverage

· Thousands of Purdue fans decked out in their Gold and Black.

At the beer garden Sun King will be selling pints of their three delicious house beers, which are some of the best locally produced beers in the city. This all goes down Friday, August 30th, from 11:30-1:30 on the circle.

Another upcoming event is the Purdue Lacrosse alumni Gold Outing on October 11 at the Purdue Golf Course. For $50 you can play 18 holes and be involved int he alumni lacrosse game, all starting at 2 pm. E-Mail if interested.

Now, onto the links:

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