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2013 Purdue Football Depth Chart: Week 1

Some surprises are in Coach Hazell's first official depth chart.


Coach Hazell has unveiled the depth chart of Saturday's opener at Cincinnati and it is as follows:


QB: 1. Rob Henry 2. Austin Appleby 3. Danny Etling

RB: 1. Akeem Hunt 2. Brandon Cottom 3. Dalyn Dawkins

FB: 1. Kurt Freytag 2. David Yancey

WR: 1. Shane Mikesky 2. DeAngelo Yancey 3. Dolapo Macarthy

WR: 1. B.J. Knauf 2. Gary Bush

TE: 1. Gabe Holmes 2. Justin Sinz

LT: 1. Kevin Pamphile 2. Jack DeBoef 3. Michael Rouse III

LG: 1. Devin Smith 2. Jason King

C: 1. Robert Kugler 2. Cody Davis

RG: 1. Trevor Foy 2. Jordan Roos

RT: 1. Justin Kitchens 2. J.J. Prince


DE: 1. Ryan Russell 2. Jalani Phillips

DE: 1. Greg Latta 2. Jules Williams

DT: 1. Bruce Gaston 2. Eric McDaniel

DT: 1. Ryan Isaac 2. Ryan Watson

LB: 1. Armstead Williams 2. Collin Link

LB: 1. Sean Robinson 2. Andy James Garcia

LB: 1. Joe Gilliam 2. Will Lucas

CB: 1. Ricardo Allen 2. Normando Harris

CB: 1. Frankie Williams 2. Antoine Lewis

S: 1. Landon Feichter 2. Evan Feichter

S: 1 Taylor Richards 2. Anthony Brown

Special Teams:

K: 1. Paul Griggs 2. Sam McCartney

P: 1. Cody Webster 2. Thomas Meadows

KR: 1. Raheem Mostert 2. Akeem Hunt

PR: 1. Frankie Williams 2. B.J. Knauf

LS: 1. Jesse Schmitt 2. John Bednar

Some thoughts:

  • Only a handful of positions are three deep, with the No. 3 guys likely to play some at Cincinnati except Etling at quarterback
  • I was surprised to see Macarthy moved out of a starting spot, but he has been bothered by a knee injury. That leaves Purdue two starting receivers with a total of two collegiate catches.
  • Devin Smith and Joe Gilliam were the most questionable players, as both were battling minor injuries but appear to be back into form. Keep an eye on their spots on Saturday.
  • Armstead Williams at starting linebacker is a surprise, but Purdue could use his speed over Garcia. Collin Link, a walk-on, makes his first appearance on the two-deeps. He is the younger brother of former starter Logan Link.
  • Speaking of brothers, Evan Feichter is now backing his brother, Landon.
  • DeAngelo Yancey and David Yancey (no relation) also earned their way on as true freshmen.
  • Etling, The Yancey's, Dawkins, and likely Austin Logan on special teams are the most likely true freshmen to play and avoid redshirt.
  • Paul Griggs has won the kicker's duel for now. As always, if he struggles McCartney will be right there.
  • Cottom/Dawkins at RB and Lewis/Williams were listed "or" at their respective spots. Given a five-DB nickel set meant both Lewis and Williams will play a lot, especially given Cincy's passing game.