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2013 Purdue Football: Henry, Allen, Gaston Named Captains

Three seniors will serve as team captains in 2013.


Coach Darrell Hazell took another step towards the 2013 football season today by naming the three team captains. The captains were voted on by the players and were limited to seniors; one on offense, defense, and the highest vote-getter. Under those stipulations the three selections are not a surprise.

Quarterback Rob Henry, Defensive Tackle Bruce Gaston, and Cornerback Ricardo Allen were nammed as Purdue's three captains. All three guys were starters as freshmen in 2010 and only Henry had to re-earn his starting role, as he was named a starter just last week.

Henry is also a former team captain. he was voted into the position before the 2011season under Danny Hope as just a sophomore, but then tore his ACL to miss the entire season. Gaston and Allen are both solid NFL prospects and are expected to be the anchors on the defense.

Congratulations to Rob, Bruce, and Ricardo! This is a well deserved honor for all three.