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"You Oughta be Proud" Video: No, Purdue, We’re Not

Purdue has been taking a proper public shaming on the Internet today.

Well, that was a scary couple of hours.

Earlier today a rap video called "You Oughta Be Proud" appeared on YouTube out of nowhere. I didn't get a chance to see the entire thing because I was working, but it sounds like it was as bad as you would expect it to be. Since then, Purdue has taken a proper public shaming on the Internet:


All behold what Purdue hath wrought, and then review the rules for making a video where you rap about your favorite team, usually as an undergraduate at that institution. (If the video's still working. If not, we'll sub out when someone inevitably reposts it.)

Step One: Don't.

Step Two: Don't. You will anyway, but it bears repeating.

Step Three: At least don't rap.

From Eleven Warriors:

Purdue made a rap video, "You Oughta Be Proud." It's everything you'd expect from a rap video produced in West Lafayette.

From GameDayr:

There are so many reasons why these Purdue fans/students should have never made this rap video. In fact, there isn't a reason why they should have.

It's titled "You Oughta Be Proud." It uses the lyrics "You know Purdue is the one. You know it's been fun. Get up everyone and let's all Boiler up." And, last but certainly not least, it's as bad as you can imagine.

No Boilermakers. Just no.

Even Sports Illustrated:

There are bad fan pride videos. And then there's what Purdue just gave us

Clearly, Purdue has not learned its lesson despite having two very good examples of what NOT to do right here in our own state. Notre dame went the professional route with something called a Freak Bass and received a deserved mocking. As if that wasn't bad, That School Down South came up with "This is Indiana", which was the... well, what is the opposite of gold standard? Shit standard? That sounds good. Anyway, "This is Indiana" is definitely the shit standard of what happens when spoiled white guys try to rap.

Folks, you should never, ever try to rap, especially if you're a white guy. Rap has sucked since Tupac and Biggie died and Eminem is the lone white guy to come even remotely close to being a good rapper.

Second, did the producers of "You Oughta Be Proud" not see either of these? Were they not aware that they were righteously mocked, mostly by Purdue fans? If you didn't know these were out there as comedy gold for our two biggest rivals then are you really a Purdue fan?

Look, we should be proud of Purdue. But please, let's do it in other ways. I show that pride by publishing this site, not as a second career as the rapper White Chocolate. It is never, ever a good idea make something like this unless:

A.     Tupac or Biggie happens to be an alum of your school.

B.     You can get a genuine musician to pen and perform it (Must have at least attained the fame of Creed or higher).

C.     You do it ironically, like "This is Engineering", in which the dork factor is intentional as explained by reader @kevinhwiley.

I am not alone in thinking this:

For now, the video has been removed by the publisher on YouTube and it will hopefully stay that way, with all computers holding a copy having a hard drive meltdown so it is never heard from again.