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19 Days To Purdue Football: Aloyis Gray

A converted quarterback should be a major asset at receiver for Purdue.

Danny Hope recruited a lot of quarterbacks in 2012, probably as part of a plan for an all-QB offense where there are 15 laterals before a forward pass from anyone. Such was the genius of the Nordfense. Thankfully, it is gone, and today's player has moved to wide receiver as a result.

Aloyis Gray - Fr. (RS)

Indianapolis, Indiana (Pike HS)

6'4", 192 pounds

Wide Receiver

2013 Projection: Reserve at Wide Receiver

The move to receiver was not a surprise for Gray. He was primarily a quarterback as a senior at Pike in an effort to get the ball in his hands more since he is a dynamic playmaker. As a junior he was mostly a receiver, catching 36 passes for 615 yards and five touchdowns. As a sophomore and senior he played more quarterback, however, with almost 2,000 total passing yards and 18 touchdown passes.

At 6'4", 194 pounds Gray gives Purdue a very big target in the passing game. He is also elusive with his speed since he had 535 rushing yards as a sophomore when he was quarterbacking. He seems like the type of player that can be dangerous with the ball in his hands. I don't know how much of a chance he will get this year given the depth Purdue has at receiver, but before his time is done he will have an opportunity to make a mark.