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Boilermaker Shiv Kapur Leads 2013 British Open

A professional Boiler is making news at the 2013 British Open.

Andrew Redington

Normally when we talk about golf around here it is our ladies coming close to another National Championship. Today it is the men that are dominating the day, specifically one man.

In a shock to many Shiv Kapur, a former men's golfer that played at Purdue in the early 2000's, has jumped out to an early lead in the British Open. Kapur turned pro in 2004 after his time at Purdue was over and has won once each. on the Asian Tour and on the Challenge Tour in Europe. Only once before this year's British Open has he even played in a major, and that was in 2006.

Kapur is on a tear through nine holes, however with a -6 six on the day. Kapur birdied six of his first seven holes today and leads at the turn.

I'll keep my on this as the day goes on, but all I can say is Boiler Up Shiv!